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Hey beautiful wild soul! If you’ve found this page, you probably would like to work with me. Splendid! I’m really excited to help you out with your Wild Entrepreneurship.


Before we even embark on this wild ride together, I’d love to know if we’re a match. For you, because it saves you time, money and many headaches to know you’re in the right place with me – or not. For me, because the better the match we are, the better I can help you. 

So, here are a few ways to ‘meet’ me before hand, free of charge. Explore them on your own or book a Get-To-Know sesh with me. And if the sparks fly… then let’s get together and make some magic, darling!

Most Recent Writings

Wildness  education and exploration – Business done the Wild way – Musings and poetry to deepen your experience

The Cold Season is a time for rest & recuperation. Except in our fast-paced, 24/7 society, we rarely get the chance to really sink into our natural desire for quietude, do we? All around us, …

Usually, the highs and lows are understandable. There’s stress at work, or a family issue, or a pandemic. Boom, low energy. One of your friends achieves a personal victory, or you’re vibin’ with your purpose in life, or you manage to get the last avocado in your late afternoon shopping run. Woosh, high energy. But what if nothing seems to be happening? What if there are no discernible highs or lows, or even any feeling of direction really? I like to call it the Sea of Great Not-Knowing. And there are ways to come out of it with gentleness, ease and self-love.

At the moment I’m writing this, we’re in the throes of corona. So much fear-based narrative all around us. Both in the so-called mainstream media, AND in the more hippie-dippy alternative news outlets (and I …

The Wild Entrepreneur One-Page Business Model E-Book 

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Well over a hundred tips, tricks and exercises to Untame your Beliefs, Rewild your Life and Run your Business the Soulful Way! 

For those of us have some idea (or lots of them) on how to run their biz, and would like to lead from their intuition – that wild, soulful place of Knowing deep inside. 

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Book a free Get-To-Know session

20 minutes of one on one time, via Zoom, from the comfort of our own homes. Leave a message below – tell me what you’re currently struggling with, or what question you’d like to tackle. Add 3 moment(s) that would work for you, and I’ll get back to you ASAP to make an appointment!

The Wild Entrepreneur Method

For almost twenty years, I’ve been studying naturalistic spirituality – both in the neo-heathenry of the West, and in the ways of the people still connected to their Native ancestral wisdom. I’ve dug deep (pun intended) into the prehistoric ways of the people that walked the land where I now live – and found there are similarities that transcend time and place.

We, as humans, have a core understanding of how the world works and what our place in it entails. Different spiritualities give it different names, but in essence, we’re all searching for the same things. Love, belonging, connection, a sense of purpose in life… We, today, are no different than they were, back then. We are no different than the people living on the other side of the planet. 

The Wild Entrepreneur Method gathers these ancient and universal truths in seven Realms. The division is only there to grant easier access to this knowledge; it is neither mine nor wholly unique. Like I said, these are universal truths. My job is to translate them and clear the path, so you may find your footing a little easier. Ultimately, I’m here to support you in understanding what these truths mean to you

Element of Water – Realm of the Heart

Where does Love lead you? Who sets your Soul on fire? What brings you the most Joy? 
The Element of Water supports you in connecting deeply to your Heart, and all the wisdom that lies in that connection. 

Ancestors – Realm of Purpose

You come from a long line of creators. You carry within you the blood, the memories and the gifts of all those that came before you. You are an ancestor yourself, whether or not you have children – you leave your mark on the world. Your ancestors inspire your Purpose, and support you in living it fully. 

Element of Earth – Realm of the Physical

Your body is the vessel with which you experience the physical world around you. The Element of Earth governs all things material – grounding you in reality. Money is one way the element of Earth presents itself most obviously to Wild Entrepreneurs.

Natural Rhythm – Realm of Flow

Our planet experiences seasons of growth and decrease. The Moon guides us with her dark and light sides. Our own bodies move in waves of lower and higher energy supplies. Tuning in to your own Natural Rhythm guides your creation with flow, abundance and joy.

Element of Air – Realm of the Mind

Communication, thought and strategy are all governed by the element of Air. How do these concepts interconnect in your life and business? Where can you give yourself space to breathe? Finding a strategy that works for YOUR life is where Air can support and guide you.

Ritual – Realm of Connection

Since the dawn of time, Ritual has been a part of human existence. It connects us to deeper truths, to the sacred simplicity of life. Our Spirit Guides support us – through Ritual we can converse with them easily. We are children of the Earth and the Stars, and Ritual connects us to both.

Element of Fire – Realm of the Soul Creation

Fire is the spark that ignites when we follow divine inspiration. Keep your fire fed, and you’ll never go hungry. Creation comes forth from Soul, so it is important to tap into that source of creation and keep it nourished. 
The more you feed your Flame of Creation, the brighter your light can shine!

Packages & Pricing

When you want to take big steps, and you’re ready to dive deep into your Soul – with a guide who’s been there and back again.

Let your Wild Soul speak in a one-on-one Session, completely tailored to your goals and desires.
Do you want to lay a solid foundation for your spiritual experience? Do you finally want to take that step into the unknown, with the support of your spirit helpers? Do you want to let your wild, free, untamed self take the wheel in your business? Let’s get together and make it happen, beautiful!

Check out the various options below to work one-on-one with me. It’s totally possible to tailor something to your preference; simply send me a message and we’ll see what works best for you.

Whatever option you choose, we always have a (FREE!) 20 minute Get To Know session beforehand. That way we can quickly get to the center of your question, and maximize the time spent in your Wild Soul Session.

Feedback & Reviews

Here’s some lovely words people have said about my work <3

“Kayleigh challenges you to push your limits, loving and respectful, but nevertheless very inviting. If you dare to undergo this, you will notice that it will not just take you anywhere. Kayleigh will lead you to a place within yourself where your sheer strength and originality is waiting to be discovered. She sends you with a deep understanding of human nature. She asks you to explore, in a wonderful and creative way, sides of yourself that you may never have seen before. And all this with a zest for life and passion that is super contagious. No butterfly-like volatility, but true wisdom, with a deep connection with nature, and being human here on earth, with everything that goes with it.”


JelleTas Pasma

Writer, Reincarnation Coach

“The moment I see all those bears on the road, and I notice that I am fighting them hard. Yet they do not budge. Kayleigh let me breathe, walked with me and then slowed me down in a very warm and down to earth way in that whirlwind of “I have to now, and I have to be able to do it now” and the other “start before you are ready”. It’s nice if someone like Kayleigh walks with you for a while, and then you can continue on your own.”


Kyra Kieskamp

Dancer, Storyteller

“Kayleigh is friendly, professional and approachable. She knows what she is talking about and handles it carefully. She has a nice energy and creates a safe environment in which everything can and may be said. You can let your heart speak. She listens to you carefully and knows how to trigger the underlying aspects to make you think and give (new) insights. It gave me confirmation of what I already knew deep down, a right balance between action, rest and self-care.”


Shira de Koning

Marine Biologist, Graphic Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching with the help of nature, our spirit guides and the elements. We go into nature, investigate what it is that you run into… and with the help of your (hidden) Wild Knowing we hunt for the answer. I will put you in touch with your spirit guides (ancestors, power animals, other helpers). We work with the elements, with visualisations and bodywork. Can do with a specific question, but also possible to deal with a less specific issue.
Possible topics:
Going through your planning for the year – what is your natural rhythm and how can you adjust to it?
Developing a new offer, focused on your unique soul gifts – what makes your fire burn and how can you ignite that of your customer?
Characterizing your favorite customer, from heart to heart – to whom does your love naturally flow, and how do you clarify that flow?

Anything and everything where you feel stuck in being your authentic, natural self. Everywhere you desire to feel more at ease just being who you are and doing how you do. 
Possible topics include but are not limited to:

Going through your planning for the year – what is your natural rhythm and how can you adjust to it?
Developing a new offer, focused on your unique soul gifts – what makes your fire burn and how can you ignite that of your customer?
Finding your Soulmate Client, from heart to heart – to whom does your love naturally flow, and how do you clarify that flow?

No. It is possible that certain issues come to light during our sessions, that require more in-depth attention. I got my degree in Social Work and have studied Psychology in the years after that. So if at any point anything arises that requires the help of a therapist, I will lovingly support you in finding the right practitioner for you.

Let’s face it, we’re in a crisis. We humans have advanced our technology to a degree that its effects are beyond our control. We’ve shaped our society in a way that it’s become detrimental to our own health. 
ReWilding is the process of returning something (an ecosystem, a piece of land, a person) to a state of natural being. It’s untaming the beast. It’s unlearning the curated behaviour that has become suffocating. It’s resurfacing ancient wisdom and slowing down processes to a steady, easy pace. 

ReWilding your business means to let go of what you’ve been taught is The Right Way, and reconnecting with what works for your authentic self. With all our similarities as humans, each of us is unique. It’s that fine-tuned quality of You-ness, that is your gift to this time and space you occupy. To ReWild your business is to ReWild yourself. To unlearn your long-held, limiting beliefs. To untame your wild, animalistic instincts. To reclaim your own bone-deep wisdom of ages. 

To reconnect to your deepest, most authentic self, and celebrate accordingly.

It’s true, in the last couple of years the amount of online business coaches has skyrocketed. Maybe even more so in the last few months of lockdowns and working from home. Even being spiritually aware, and working with the more esotherical side of things has become rather commonplace.
What I see very few people do, however, is work with rooted spirituality. In my 20+ years as a practicing pagan, I’ve spent the last ten studying and embodying our hunter-gatherer ancestors. All major religions and spiritual traditions today have their roots in a naturalistic, survival-driven spiritual practice. Across the globe, our most ancient forebears were directly dependent on nature for their day-to-day needs. Their spiritual views were geared towards that nourishing relationship with all aspects of nature around them. We, today, still carry that connection in our bones, although most of us are unaware of it. 
In my work and in my own life I strive to reawaken that connection. Because I deeply believe that, when we are firmly rooted in our own ancestral wisdom, we are most capable of helping others (and ourselves) thrive. 
So, if you choose to let me support you in your search for answers, you’ll get that juicy, naturalistic, primordial energy (that so few others provide) to really ground your business in the fullness of your being.

Yes! Women, men, nonbinary folk, those of us who don’t prefer any particular definition. All are welcome here. We’re all wild beings. Gender is a social construct, not a biological one. If you’d like me to use certain pronouns when interacting with you, let me know. I’m more than happy to work with you. 

I’m a cisgender bisexual Dutch-English woman, my pronouns are she, her, hers. 

Free Get-To-Know Sesh

20 minutes of one on one time, via Zoom, from the comfort of our own homes. Leave a message below – tell me what you’re currently struggling with, or what question you’d like to tackle. Add 3 moment(s) that would work for you, and I’ll get back to you ASAP to make an appointment!