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Wisdom from the Ocean – Water Magic

Yes it was cold. In a good, healing way. Mother Ocean always has wisdom to share for those who listen with humbleness and reverence in their hearts.

Water magic, and specifically working with the sea, is one of my favourite kinds of Wild Knowledge. Our very first home, even before we are brought into the world, is made of water. We are born through gushing currents, and from that moment on water gives us sustenance to grow through our lives.

It holds the space between our cells. It cleanses us, both on an external and internal level. It brings us the wisdom of balance – ebb and flow, expansion and contraction, moving forward and looking back. Both are needed in life. Sustainable growth is only possible by the grace of moving water.

On a metaphorical level, water is the realm of dreams, of memories, of emotion and intuition. As such, it helps us to connect to our heart, and to hear the whispers of our deepest knowingness. It’s a bridge to our Soul, bringing with it a sense of purpose and understanding.

In the Wild Entrepeneur Year Programme, the first module is all about Water and how to work with its many gifts and wisdom. Because I firmly believe that,

in this modern world of rapid change, the heart is the place to start, if you want to build something abundant, soulful and beautiful.

Thank you, Mother Ocean, thank you waves, thank you storm winds, you are magnificent. ❤

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