Re-Awaken Your Wild

Revive your Deepest Knowing

Monday 14th Feb ~ Friday 18th Feb ~ online ~ Free

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For over two years, we’ve been in global unique situation. Day after day, the news is storming around you. Look at this statistic! Be afraid of these people! Form an opinion on this new discovery!

It is natural to retreat into yourself, in order to protect your sensitive Soul, when confronted with an ongoing stream of stress and fearful news.

But… All these external things distract you from your own truth – your power, your gift, your Wild Free Self. However scary the world around you gets, your Inner Wisdom is always there, waiting for you to reclaim it. Waiting for you to rise in your Light once again. To find the peaceful, powerful silence in the eye of the storm.

If you feel ready to venture out, to get in motion, and to create the world as YOU want it… Join me on this five-day journey to Re-Awaken Your Wild! 

This is what these five days offer you (free of charge!):

  • Deep reconnection to your inner wisdom
  • Healing ways to deal with current events, and to move forward on your own terms
  • Re-ignition of your creative Fire
  • Ongoing support through the coming Cycle of the Year
  • Renewed dedication to your Soul, Biz and Being!

Nice to meet you <3

Hi, my name is Kayleigh, and I am The Wild Entrepreneur.

Being Wild is the connection with nature, with the Primeval, with the original Self – in your business as well as in life.

In earlier times we followed the rhythm of nature every day. Our modern brains love a framework, to ease us into connecting to our raw, pure Self. There’s nothing wrong with that – as long as you realize it’s just a title for a much deeper experience.

I would like to take you into that experience, through shamanic techniques, personal rituals, and contemporary knowledge.

At the age of fifteen, I was first introduced to modern witchcraft, paganism, shamanism and the wisdom of nature. I learned about the cycle of the Wheel of the Year, in which eight annual celebrations are the benchmarks in the year. Each with their own strength and rituals. Moving with the natural flow of energy brings peace, profound insights and above all … fun!

 I see it as my mission to promote understanding of this rhythm of Nature, and to support entrepreneurs in particular in optimally attuning to their own rhythm. After all, your business is most successful when you do it completely YOUR way – authentic, free and Wild!


Re-Awaken Your Wild

Revive Your Deepest Knowing

Monday 14th Feb ~ Friday 18th Feb ~ online ~ Free

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