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I am alone – Only when I choose to be

I know the steps of the broken, I’ve danced that dance so long
For I believed it was all I could know.


My tears do not define me, my pain is not all I am
And if I trace over my scars with golden hues
I do not deny them, I do not belie them, I do not forget they are there
They are simply another decoration in my jewelry of time.

I was afraid of heights
Until I learned to rise higher than what I was taught to believe
to be my upper limits.

I am alone
Only when I choose to be.

when I close down the blinds on all I hide behind these smiles, these words, these eyes… But when I open my heart, and bare all my thoughts
Even the ones I don’t know will be heard
What then?
When I lay myself bare, skin, teeth and hurt
And say, look, this was me once. But I am more than my memories
I am more than what hurt me. I am more than these wounds
I have healed, and I haven’t, but I refuse to be there in the dark

I am more than my scars. I am more than my suffering. I have laughter, and giggles, and deep thoughts and dreams. My skin tingles with life, and gifts springing forth.
And my darkness was safety, because they know me there. But if I dare
To go beyond the edge of what I know
If I dare to dip my toes into the light
I might not shrivel up
I might not be booed away
I might not sizzle in the heat

And even if I do
I can replenish my dry mouth with the water of life
I can stand tall in the knowing I am loved and loved well
I can find shelter in the trees of the forest of my dreams

I am safe.

In the dark. In the light. In my scars. In my name.

And I will make my fame, and dare to be seen, and dare to rise higher than I’ve been up to now.

And all the old souls I meet, who dream my same dream,
who see with new eyes, the truth of this world… We rise up.

Weary-eyed, yes. Heavy backs, yes. Empty bowls, maybe. Strong hearted, all. We rise up.

Because we know the truth now.
I know the truth now.

I am safe. I am loved. And I am not

Alone. ❤

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