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Full Moon in Januari – Wolf Moon

Late afternoon grocery run turned into some epic moongazing ❤ She’s beautifully full tonight.

After almost eighteen years of working with the Moon, I put little weight in “this Full Moon is named such and such” – there are so many different views, all with very plausible reasoning.

I’m much more interested in connecting with the name, feel and energy of a certain Full Moon on an individual basis – what does it feel like to you? What awakens in you when gazing at Her pale light?

What is stirring when you connect to your Wild Knowing deep within?

Similarly, it’s fascinating to discover where my energy naturally flows, when I follow the guidance of the Wheel of the Year – AND keep a constant connection to my deeper Wild Self.

That being said… the title of Wolf Moon for the Full Moon in January is hard to resist 😉🐺🌕 So I won’t resist, and allow the flow of profound poetry rising from the deep to be called forth by this Wild Moon Energy.

All I have to do is open up, and let my Wolf take over.

Let’s run wild tonight, wolflings!


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