Dancing with the Harvest – Midsummer Shine!

Midsummer is the time to shine with all the light inside of you. It is the time to reap the first harvest. You’ve worked so hard the last few months, nurturing the sprouts you’ve sown in the earliest warmth of spring.

What is your harvest? What have you learned about yourself in this strange times? What are you letting go, that no longer serves you? What are you celebrating?

Yesterday I took part in the Wild Women Blueprint workshop by @ellyariella.nl and @anoukprossphotography. The photos Anouk took will take some time (they are worth the wait because dear Goddess she is talented), but fortunately @artimiss_visualarts took these pictures while we were frolicking in the wheat field nearby.

It was such an incredible joy to come together with a group of women. To celebrate our Wild selves, to dance, growl, weep, sing, laugh and share our stories. To dive deep into our inner Wild Being and unlock the treasure stored within.

For me, it was a remembering. A coming back to myself, once again, even stronger, even softer than I was before. Giving space to emotion. Allowing gentleness and mirth to intertwine. Dancing barefoot on the earth. Allowing my tears to flow freely and my laughter to sound loudly. Looking deeply into eyes I’d only just met, that seemed familiar in their depth of feeling.

And I danced with the abundance of my harvest.

All the things I’ve learned the past 18 years, of being a Wild Woman, of living with the Goddess, of being connected with Nature wherever I go.
Of what I learned about being truly, honestly, raw in who I am, defying the norms I thought I had to live by all my life.

Of what it means to show up authentically for what I believe to be true.

In light, in darkness, and above all: in love.

I am sensual and strong, I am vulnerable and fierce. I am loud, I am quiet, I am a priestess, I am a wolf. I am a mother. I am a lover. I am wild like the sea, grounded like the earth, versatile like the wind, blazing like the fire. My heart invites hearts to open. My soul carries ancient stories to new birth.

I am Wild Woman.

My harvest is abundance of love. What is yours? ❤

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