Kayleigh Smith

woman floating in the sea, seen from below the surface. The colours are dark and vague. Her hair and limbs move gently with the flow of the water.

The Sea of the Great Not-Knowing

Usually, the highs and lows are understandable. There’s stress at work, or a family issue, or a pandemic. Boom, low energy.

One of your friends achieves a personal victory, or you’re vibin’ with your purpose in life, or you manage to get the last avocado in your late afternoon shopping run. Woosh, high energy.

But what if nothing seems to be happening?
What if there are no discernible highs or lows, or even any feeling of direction really?

I like to call it the Sea of Great Not-Knowing. And there are ways to come out of it with gentleness, ease and self-love.

Honouring my Grandmother – Ancestor Work

These hands tell a story. Every line, every spot of darkened skin, every visible vein… My grandmother is 95 years old. She’s always been strong, both physically and mentally. Wherever she walked, she held her shoulders straight and her head high. She told me “I’m proud of my children, and all that they’ve accomplished. We …

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