About You

Hi there, you beautiful wild being!

How have you been lately? There’s a lot happening, isn’t there? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to feel all the tendrils of movement we’re currently engaging in. 

But still, you go on. Still, you do your important work, because you know deep in your heart how necessary it is. Still, you persevere in following your soul’s whisper, because you know it is leading you true.
Or do you have doubts? 
Do you wonder if this is really what you should be doing… instead of taking that menial job? At least it pays the bills, right? Following your dreams will just have to wait. Again.
Do you lie awake at night, because what lies ahead of you feels so enormous? You’re so small… How could you ever think to make a difference? There is so much work to do, and you’re just one person.
Do you feel out of breath from all the running? The chasing of your next client, your next sell, your next payment… Will you ever get a break from social media? The constant pressure is exhausting, but if you don’t participate, you’ll tank your business. Right?
You’ve followed the advice of at least 37 different Online Marketing Experts, and from the wide range of options none of them worked really well for you. You’ve jumped on every bandwagon, only to fall straight off on the other side… with a secret relief in your heart. After all, none of those methods gave you what you were really yearning for:
An authentic, joyful, abundant way of running your business. 
So what if… 
…you could listen to your heart FIRST, in every decision you make for your business?
…you would be able to follow YOUR flow of energy, in how you run your business? Going fast and loud when you feel like it, and taking quiet breaks when you need to?
…you could communicate with your favourite clients on YOUR terms, and still have time to play, sunbathe, walk in nature, and all the other glorious offline things this life offers you?
…you could embrace your body, with love, as the GORGEOUS creation of nature it is… and teach your tribe to love their bodies fully too? 
…you could work with that gift that you hold within you, AND be paid generously for it? 
What if you allowed yourself to be Wild again? 
Natural, authentic, full of joy. Needing the permission of no-one but yourself. Sharing your gifts abundantly, because you know you’re overflowing. 
Beautiful Wild Being… you are so loved. Your gifts are so needed. You are so whole, just the way you are right now. 
And the world is cheering you on, for every step up. 

Feedback & Reviews

Here’s some lovely words people have said about my work <3

“Kayleigh challenges you to push your limits, loving and respectful, but nevertheless very inviting. If you dare to undergo this, you will notice that it will not just take you anywhere. Kayleigh will lead you to a place within yourself where your sheer strength and originality is waiting to be discovered. She sends you with a deep understanding of human nature. She asks you to explore, in a wonderful and creative way, sides of yourself that you may never have seen before. And all this with a zest for life and passion that is super contagious. No butterfly-like volatility, but true wisdom, with a deep connection with nature, and being human here on earth, with everything that goes with it.”


JelleTas Pasma

Writer, Reincarnation Coach

“The moment I see all those bears on the road, and I notice that I am fighting them hard. Yet they do not budge. Kayleigh let me breathe, walked with me and then slowed me down in a very warm and down to earth way in that whirlwind of “I have to now, and I have to be able to do it now” and the other “start before you are ready”. It’s nice if someone like Kayleigh walks with you for a while, and then you can continue on your own.”


Kyra Kieskamp

Dancer, Storyteller

“Kayleigh is friendly, professional and approachable. She knows what she is talking about and handles it carefully. She has a nice energy and creates a safe environment in which everything can and may be said. You can let your heart speak. She listens to you carefully and knows how to trigger the underlying aspects to make you think and give (new) insights. It gave me confirmation of what I already knew deep down, a right balance between action, rest and self-care.”


Shira de Koning

Marine Biologist, Graphic Designer

What Can I Do for You?

So, beautiful soul, would you like to take some steps together? 
Here is what I would love to offer you, to help you along on your path:
Your One-Page 
Wild Business Model
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In this FREE E-book you’ll find 100+ solutions to Rewild Your Life, Biz and Being. Following the Wild Entrepreneur method of 7 areas of Wildness, you’ll be guided through practical exercises, journalling prompts, shamanistic journeying, and finding what YOUR authentic Wildness actually means in practice. 

Coming Soon!

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FREE Get-to-Know Session

I offer one-on-one Wild Soul Coaching sessions – these go for $ 90/hr. BUT I want us to be a good match, before we embark on such an intense journey. 

So, in this FREE half hour Get To Know Session, you can offer up your question, and we’ll work through it together. If we decide to continue to work together after that, my hourly rate applies. 

My Wish For You

Gorgeous, please feel free to be as wild as you are. May you remember you are a child of the Universe, just as the trees and the stars. May you know, deep within your bones, that you have a right to be here, just as you are. You and your beautiful gifts deserve to be seen and to be shared with the world. Exactly as you want them to be – whether it’s on a giant stage with blinding lights, speaking to 50.000 people… or whether it’s in a cozy soft-lit chamber of your house, coaching your client one on one. 

Make your art. Share your gifts. Speak your truth. 

Trust your Wild Soul. You know the way.

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